All that yoNurse Babyu have read on this site has been accomplished by the best group of volunteers anywhere at any time. I know that sounds very self serving, and I don't mean to diminish the many people that volunteer every day every where.

There is no one in our group that receives any financial compensation for what ever they do. Actually, everyone raises the financial support needed to join a work team. They all give up their vacation time. We have been working in La Romana since 1986. Some volunteers going today are members of that first group. Every year about 45% of the more than 1,500 people that come with us are alumni.

We welcome new volunteers to join us. The need for dedicated people in all walks of life are needed. Everyone has the skills and experience Wheel Barrows necessary to further our work. If your church or organization sponsors a team and you have not yet traveled with them please consider joining them. If you are part of a medical mission organization please contact us. If you are seeking an experience that provides the opportunity to 'give back', to serve God, to make a difference please e-mail us at La Romana.org. For an idea of the influence volunteering has had on some of our alumni please visit their testimonies.

Batey ChurchPaying their own way is only a portion of the financial support personally contributed to the hospital and all the other projects described here. There is no large foundation backing our efforts. Every thing accomplished has been through the personal sacrifices by our volunteers.

So why do we volunteer? As Christians we are called upon to help those in need. Many people, actually most of the world, are in need. Thankfully there are many groups like us answering these needs. For sure there are more needs than volunteers or millionaires can care for. Those impoverished and unnoticed people are truly God's children and he loves them and cares for their needs just as he loves us and cares for our needs. La Romana is the place where we are called to serve.

As a Faith Based Organization we place our hope and dreaShirley Babyms in the belief that God is present in all we do because all we do is to glorify God. This can be seen in the mission statement of the Good Samaritan Mission Council and the Good Samaritan General Hospital.

With all that has been accomplished there is still much to do. We seek funding by foundations to underwrite our projects in:

You will read about these projects on these pages.












60 teams annually

welcome new groups

new volunteers bring new ideas

not for vacationers

no experience necessary

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