Team Expenses


Each year, the church, hospital and ministry have to evaluate the cost of running the mission.

Here are the costs for the 2011 season for teams:


Room and Board:
$33.00US per day per person if the group is more than 25 people
$37.00US per day per person if the group is more than 25 people
$300.00US Transfer to or from Santo Domingo Airport
$300.00US Transfer to or from Punta Cuna Airport
$175.00US Transfer to or from La Romana Airport
$225.00US Transportation to the batey
$175.00US Transportation to the hospital
$175.00US Transportation to the beach
$100.00US Transportation to Altos de Chavon (Casa de Campo)
$30.00US per interpreter per day
Dominican Doctor:
$50.00US per Dominican Doctor per day

Please remember that the transportation costs include paying the driver, insurance, maintenance and fuel.  These are not just fuel costs.

It would be wonderful if missions did not have to depend on money to function…in fact it would be ideal!  Unfortunately, this is not the case and the church and hospital also have to function as a business.

DR Ministry (Moises, Kristy and all of our on-site team)






If your group is 15 people or less call for estimate for transportation expenses for smaller groups.

or email us.