Sending Agencies

The organizations found here have sent volunteers or have provided financial support for the on going work in La Romana. This list represents only those organizations that have corresponded with the Good Samaritan Mission Council (GSMC). I'm sure there are many others not listed. If your organization has supported our work but is not listed please email


ABCORI First Congregational Church of Middleboro
ABW First Baptist Church First Congregational Church Shrewsbury
Acoaxet Free Chapel First Federated Church Hudson
Acton Congregational Church First Parish of Bolton
Allendale Baptist Church First Park Memorial Baptist Church
Bar Harbor Rotary Club Free Webster Church
Central Baptist Church Gilmanton Community Church
Central Baptist Church Providence Hatch Dental Supply
Central Mass Otolarygology Healthcare For Women
Christian Medical Mission Healthy Mothers - Healthy Babies
Christ's American Baptist Church Henderson Memorial
Church of Christ Isleford Congregational Society
Church of the Ascension La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
Circle Of 12 Inc La Romana Harpswell Maine
College Park Baptist Church Lakewood United of Church of Christ
Columbia Street Baptist Church Maine Medical Education Trust
Community Church of Providence Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Congregational Church of Naugatuck Mc Farland Dominican Fund
Conservative Baptist Association Middlebury Congregational Church
Corliss Street Baptist Church North American Martyrs
Covenant Cong Church W. Hartford Our Lady of Good Counsel
Cross United Church of Christ P. O. Box 216
Epiphany Church Partners Health Care
Fairmount Presbyterian Church Penny Memorial Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church
FBC Wallingford D. R. Mission Team Riverwood Baptist Church
FCC Middleborough Rock Village Church
FCC Middleborough Roger Williams Baptist Church
Federated Church of Sturbridge & Fiskdale Rotary Ckub of Wallingford
First Baptist Church Abington Rotary Club of East Greenwich
First Baptist Church Bangor Saint Mary's Parish Shrewsbury
First Baptist Church Bar Harbor Second Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Colorado Springs Second Congregational Church
First Baptist Church Davenport Seeds Of Independence
First Baptist Church East Greenwich Seventh Street Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Fairfield Southern Aroostook Baptist Assoc
First Baptist Church Hanson St Francis Episcopal Church
First Baptist Church Haverhill TABCOM
First Baptist Church Holden Tabernacle Baptist Church
First Baptist Church Hyannis The Religious Society of Friends
First Baptist Church In America Trinity Church of Northborough
First Baptist Church In Wickford Trinity Evangelical Free Church
First Baptist Church Indianapolis Umass Medical School
First Baptist Church Lebanon Umass Nurses
First Baptist Church Mattoon Union Church of Stow
First Baptist Church Moorestown United Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Stoneham United Baptist Church Ellsworth
First Baptist Church of Wallingford United Church of Carver
First Baptist Church Pomona United Church of Chester
First Baptist Church South Berwick United Parish of Carver
First Baptist Church Stoneham United Parish Of Winchendon
First Baptist Church Walton University of Massachusetts
First Baptist Church Wellsboro Village Presbyterian Church
First Baptist Church West Hartford Wadsworth Family Foundation
First Baptist Church Wollaston Wellsboro Baptist Church
First Christ Church West Harpswell Baptist Church
First Church In Sterling Women's Health of Central Mass
First Church of Christ Woodville Baptist Church
First Church Of Shelton Worcester Area Mission Society
First Congregactional Church Amherst
First Congregational Church Holden














If your church or organization has been to La Romana but you aren't listed here please email your information and this list will be updated.