The miracle that will change lives in the Bateys

How many times have you wished you could make a difference? How often have you heard about the Dominican Project and wondered how you could help? This is your chance to create a mini-miracle and make it very personal to you, your family, a group of friends, your church, your Sunday School class, your youth group, or perhaps your school or your neighborhood.

The terrible toll in human suffering can be vastly reduced by the presence of a trained health care promotor in each Batey. Under the umbrella of The Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Adrianna coordinates the Health Care Promotor Program. At the present time, there are 58 trained men and women who provide basic health care to the people in their villages when there is no doctor available. Currently, 50 of these promotors receive a small salary. We would like to expand this program to pay the other promotors as well as adding to the number of promotors serving bateyes in and around La Romana.

Sounds like something you would like to do? The Village Presbyterian Church group will make it happen for you. We will give you the name of the promotor and the Batey that you will adopt as well as updating you with information and pictures of your specific Batey during the year. Every one of your tax deductible dollars will go directly to the Promotor’s salary with no administrative costs involved


Promoters, or 'Promotors' as they are referred to, are the first line of defense to disease in the batey. They also act as health aids dispensing medications to those that are taking prescription drugs.

This program has been in place from the earliest days of batey medicine. Today the Promotors are trained and monitored by the hospital and the team from Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Currently there are about 50 of the 120+ bateyes with Promotors. To support a Promotor cost $600.00 annually.