Los Colinas

TanisMore than a decade ago this man was living his dream.  His name is Tanis, and back in 1998 he was teaching children living on the edge of San Pedro. His classrooms were an assembly of steel barrels hammered flat, scraps of plywood and cardboard packing materials.

Tanis, along with his wife Ester took on most of the teaching duties, with the help of some paid teachers who were more volunteers than paid.  But Tanis knew how important an education was to those young boys and girls.  He knew it was not just one way for them to get out of the poverty they livied in with their parents  -  he knew it was the only chance they had.

While Tanis was living a dream he had a vision.  A vision Model Schoolthat would provide education to many more than the fifty or so students he had in his home.  It was a vision that would bring knowledge and hope to more than 250 families living today without knowing where the money for them to survive tomorrow was coming from, without hope that their children would ever have a better life than they were living.

In 2000 that vision began to materialize.  Through his faith in God and his Classroomfaithfulness to the work he knew he was called to do, he found a piece of land in the barrio of Los Colinas and began to lay out his design for an education center.

At first things moved very slowly as the ground had to be cleared, the buildings had to be laid out, and the foundations established.  But Tanis remained strong and the more he did the more support came his way.  As soon as a building was complete to the point it would be useful as a church or a classroom it was placed into service.

Now there is a home for Tanis and his family as well as living spaces for theCourtyard volunteer workers as they continue working on the church and classrooms. 

But the school is in operation with over 250 students in grades 1 - 8.  It doesn’t look pretty and there is plenty of work to do but to the students it’s beautiful.  Every year as volunteers bring the resources necessary to continue this vision more hope is brought into these childrens’ lives

 Los ColinasLos Colinas is a barrio on the north east out skirts of San Pedro. When construction began it was at least 300 yards from the barrio but over the last few years the community has grown and now the compound is adjacent to the community.

This school is being built with funds and volunteers from Maine and Pennsylvania. Construction began in 1999.