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2010 was a banner year for the hospital. The first of what we hope will be many. What made the year such a success are three events that are very much related to the success of Good Sam.

The first event was the completion of the new Emergency New ERRoom. In the planning stages for three years followed by eighteen months of construction the facility was opened to receive patients in May. From the first month of serving the number of patients seen doubled over all previous months. And the growth continues. This increase in emergency room visits is important because it drives revenue throughout the hospital.

The second noteworthy event is the elevator to the second and third floors was placed into service. As with the emergemcy room, the elevator increases patient visit to the hospital. With most services, Elevatorincluding surgery and dyalisys on the first floor and in-patient rooms on the second floor it has been very difficult lifting patients to the upper floors.

Each of these events, in their own way, has placed pressure on the number of in-patients the hospital can accomodate. To answer the demand for in-hospital care the much awaited third floor construction began in October.

The remarkable financial events of 2010 is the revenue from emergency room visits increase by more than 300% while in-patient revenue increased by 310% over 2009.

The construction will be ongoing for several years and place a financial strain on the hospital. If you are able to help releive the burden your generousity is Good Samgreatly appreciated. When completed there will be fifty beds for in-patient health care. This will increase our current capacity by 50%. Today there are times when the hospital is full and patients are held outside or in the emergency room until a room becomes available.

For a virtual tour of the third floor look at the '3rd floor layout'.


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