Hospital Goals


Our Mission:

Based on Christian principles, we are committed to providing health services, using the rules of respect and compassion, with the highest standards of quality and technology to all who request.

Our Vision:

By 2015 to have the best reputation and be recognozed as providing health services with the highest quality and greatest compassion to all who ask, in the entire eastern region of the Dominican epublic.

Our Values:

Respect God







We are an institution based on the Christian faith. Our organization is focused on supporting programs and activities for the needy, and are grouped into three major initatives: Construction, Health Care, and Education.

We were formed as a nonprofit NGO in August 2003 by Order 758-12 issued by the former President of the Dominican Republic Mr. Hipolito Mejia.












It is our goal to provide life saving care to all that ask, regardless of race, nationality, or ability to pay.