Good Samaritan Mission Council

GSMC was founded in 2000 as an organization to promote communications, planning, and sharing of experiences among the many teams that visit La RomGSMC Logoana on an annual basis.

It was also created as a public charity that could solicit financial and other donations that are difficult for individual churches to obtain.

The mission of GSMC is to encourage and coordinate opportunities for short term mission projects in developing nations.

GSMC works closely with the Good Samaritan General Hospital and the First Baptist Mission Church (Maranatha Church) in La Romana. It has, and continues, to locate and obtain technology necessary for the hospital to maintain the high level of patient care for which they are recognized.

Members of the GSMC Board are also members of the hospital Board. In their role as board members it is their desire to assist the hospital in area of financial management, goal setting, and staff education.

In it's role to coordinate short term mission opportunities GSMC has organized new teams of volunteers and recruited new members for established teams. GSMC provides an opportunity for churches seeking a foreign mission experience but do not have the experience or contacts with foreign nationals. These new groups join with others forming a strong team capable of providing great service to the under privileged.

The typical mission team is organized around three areas of service. Building, educating, and caring. To be prepared to meet these goals the teams should have medical professionals, construction trades, and others with a strong desire to serve.

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