Equipment Needs


Much of the expensive equipment in use at the hospital has been donated by hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and individuals in the United States. Most recently IMEC in partnership with Rotary International donated all the beds CT Scannerand emergency treatment instruments needed to equip the new Emergency Department.

Prior to the Emergency Room a CT Scanner was donated by Rhode Island Hospital, Rhode Island Imaging, and GE. The CT scanner is now the workhorse of the Radiology Department. More than 20 scans a day are performed.

The CT is actually less expensive for the hospital to operate than the X-Ray machine and the Mammography machine.

The most needed piece is difficult to identify because the need to replace the X-Ray, Mammography, and Ultrasound units are all critical. Considering the revenue stream for the hospital the Ultrasound machine moves into 1st place. X-RayWe will actually consider any equipment you may know of that is available. The only requirement is the equipment has recently been taken out of service in the US because it was replaced with a new unit. The more up to date regular maintenance has been completed the better.

We will provide a 'tax receipt' to the donating organization when the equipment is placed into service at Good Sam Hospital. We usually ship one 40' container annually. When we actually ship depends on having enough items to fill the container AND funds available to pay for the transfer. The shipping fees are between $5,000 and $7,500.Ultra Sound

If you know of the availability of any hospital or clinical equipment such as Dental , X-Ray, Eye Exam or Surgery, Ultrasound, Internal Exam Scopes and Instruments, Lab Equipment . . . Please send an e-mail to GSMC