Care Group


Before we began construction on the hospital the Maranatha Church had implemented several programs to help people in the bateyes. Most of these programs were aimed directly at the health problems and challenges of children. Health Promotors were amoung the earliest offerings along with nutrition programs, vitamins, and growth monitoring. These programs have evolved into those described below.

Assistance for malnourished children:

More than 2,500 children from one to six years of age are treated for parasites and receive vitamins and food for a period of time. These children are monitored for their weight, to assess their progress in the program.

Sugar Cane Kids:

School age children living in the batey have the ability to go to schools maintained by the Dominican government and the Central Romana Company. To attend school each child is required to wear a uniform including shoes. Most families cannot afford to purchase uniforms for all their children. School supplies needed for education support are also in very short supply. The Sugar Cane Kids program uses your donations to purchase the uniforms and supplies needed.

University Scholarships:

Students that successfully graduate from High School, and their families, have made great sacrifices. The graduate is a very determined young adult that is driven toward succeeding in a career of their chosing. Typically a candidate has been supported by one or two individuals however, if you would like to promote this program your donation is greatly appreciated.


Women’s Health:

This program provides health care to over 800 women in rural and urban areas. Sexual education, child care education, family planning education and counseling on women’s rights are also part of this program.

Food Program:

This program provides a mixture of vegetables, dried meats and proteins to participants. This program targets the elderly and children suffering from extreme malnutrition, HIV or Tuberculosis. This program is supplemented with food distribution projects donated through volunteer teams.

Bio-Sand Filters for Drinking Water:

We also construct and install Bio-sand filters to treat drinking water in the bateyes, installing one filter for each family. To date filters have been installed in thousands of homes in the bateyes. Workshops provide guidance on hygiene and the importance of clean drinking water. This project is cosponsored by the Rotary Club International.

Heath Promoters:

Health Promoters are responsible for overseeing the health programs, distributing supplies, providing health information and assistance to people in their respective bateyes. At present there are 52 Health Promoters, our goal is to have a promoter for every batey. Promoters have been assisting bateyes for over ten years. Our experience is bateyes with Promoters are healthier than those awaiting one to be available. The cost of providing a Promotor is $600.00 per year. With the help of God and our sponsors we will achieve this goal.

Ambulatory Medical Clinics:

Teams from the US and local persons conduct Medical Clinics in over 120 Bateyes that surround La Romana and San Pedro Macoris on a yearly basis. Please contact Kristy Engel at if you are interested in this part of the mission work.


Special Services:

In addition, our Foundation, in cooperation and coordination with major health centers in the United States and with the humanitarian support of individuals, assists children with chronic illnesses, who have been transferred to the United States and subsequently diagnosed. Medical care, including complex surgery, is typically provided at no cost to the patient. The success of this program relies on the generousity of US hospitals and the willingness of US Host Families to care for these patients during pre and post surgery.