It's been twenty years since the ground was broken and building the hospital began so you may not be aware that the first mission project in La Romana was to build a new church in Cacata. This team of 22 people built the church in August of 1983. To read the report of their work click on the Library link in the 'Site Links' panel.

The next team was a medical team from the North Parkersburg Baptist Church in Parkersburg, West Virgina. It was Dr. Conrad Lowe that encouraged Jean Luc to build a medical clinic to care for the people in the batey. You can read more about this team on the Good Sam pages as well as in the Library section.

It was in 1986 when the team from the North Abington Baptist Church, North Abington, MA first traveled to La Romana. Follow the Marantha Church link on the right to read the whole story.

It was around 1990 that plans for the hospital first began to development. North Abington lead the way as the site was located and agreements were signed between the Central Romana Sugar Company and the Maranatha Church. You will find a brief history of the hospital's progress by following the Good Sam link on the right.

As we began visiting the bateyes we found many buildings being used for worship services that could barely stand. Projects to replace the most fragile of these were quickly put in place. The Bateyes link will bring you into the world of the sugar cane farmers, their families, and their lives.

Building projects, starting from the hospital and radiating into the bateyes are sure to keep us busy for years to come. Smaller projects such as a new batey church generally take us two or three years to complete. Larger projects such as the school in Las Colinas require five to ten years.





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