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We are a Volunteer inspired and supported Christian Faith Based 501(c)(3) Public organization. We are ecumenical and encourage all faith practices to join with our efforts as we spread the teachings of Jesus through words and deeds.

DR MapOur mission is to improve the lives of those living in what has been termed abject slavery or indentured servitude. The primary region where we work is in the La Romana Province in the Dominican Republic. Our principle project is the building of the Good Samaritan General Mission Hospital in the city of La Romana and supporting the programs of this hospital and the Maranatha Church.

Our work spans many areas of support ranging from Family Planning, Health Care and Education. The work we are dedicated to is detailed throughout this web site.

Our organization was first established in the New England states and over the years has expanded throughout the United States. The map below illustrates where volunteers come from in support of our efforts.

As word of our organization spreads more groups are requesting to join us. Today we do our best to accomodate all who are interested. Our mission to bring health care and education to those living in rural villages (bateyes) has attracted many medical schools such as Brown University, University of Kansas, University of Massachusetts as well as mission oriented medical agencies such as LEAPS, Score, Vision International and others.

If your organization is interested in learning more about our hospitality program please send an email to info@laromana.org.


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1st Trip in 1985

Now 60 Teams Annually

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