Ways You Can Donate

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Do you know there are ways to make a donation to the work being done in La Romana without writing a check? Have you heard of GoodSearch or GoodShop?


These are all nonprofit companies that have partnered with most of the retailers and web catalog sellers for the purpose of creating funds for 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations. As a 501(C)(3) public charity the Good Samaritan Mission Council qualifies for these benefits. We are registered with GoodSearch & GoodShop. If you use either of these services and specify Good Samaritan Mission Council as the charity you will be helping the people in the bateyes.

The link to GoodSearch is just to the right of this panel. You can see GSMC is already filled in for you so all you need to do is use it to search the internet. Go ahead and give it a try. When your finished you will come right back to this page. Every search adds one penny to our cause.

OK, it takes a lot of searches to help out even a little. That's where GoodShop comes into use. There are hundreds of internet merchants you can order items from. If you are an internet shopper probably the sites you visit are there. When you use GoodShop you place your order just as you do now and a percentage of your total purchase is credited to the GSMC account - and it cost you no more than what you paid for the items you ordered. Give it a try. You don't have to make a purchase, just click on 'Choose a Merchant' and browse around. You will see there are some coupons available and some discounted items as well. There's nothing more that you have to do to donate to the great cause you already support.

This site lets you review how much you and others have deposited into the GSMC account. The more you use the service the faster our account will grow.



Matching Grants. Many companies offer matching grants for donations their employees make to 501(c)(3) charities. If you are planning to donate funds check with your company to see if they will match your gift.

Should you write a check or use Pay Pal?

Pay Pal is a convient way to respond immediately to a need that reaches your heart. It also gives you the freedom of using your credit card and manage your funds in one place. The links are on every page of the site for your use.

Some people prefer not to use the internet to transfer funds so for them writing a check is the only way. An other advantage of using checks is the full amount of you gift is received. Using a service such as Pay Pal reduces your gift by a small percentage.













Please Help All You Can

Use GoodSearch and GoodShop

Consider requesting a Samaritan Card for discounts

Consider applying for a Capital One Credit Card

If you have any reservations concerning who GSMC is use the following link to E-Mail Moises and ask him for verification