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The prospect of extending their education beyond public high school is so small for batey kids it's nearly inconceivable. The journey begins in the one room home shared by up to ten family members. Before it even starts the paBatey 50rents of this sugar cane kid must decide to sacrifice a portion of the meagre wages they earn and send their child to school.

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The difficult path to the gates of a university is a self selecting process for scholarship candidates. First they need parents willing to sacrifice for their education. Next they have to endure the challenges of a single room school where more than twenty students in four levels are being taught. From there they need to obtain citizenship papers prior to entering high school.

Successful completing their education through high school has creatClassrommed a highly qualified candidate dedicated to improving their life through pursuing a college degree. More than 90% of students entering the university graduate and become successful medical or business professionals.

The university attended by most students is located in San Pedro de Macoris, about 30 miles west of La Romana. This location offers under graduate, bachelor, and master degrees in more than a dozen areas of study. An extension of the university is located in La Romana offering studies in business and technical courses at the under graduate level Dr Aonly.

Volunteers working with US teams meet scholarship candidates while they are in La Romana with a visiting group. The Maranatha church administers and monitors the program as they follow a candidate through their college experience. Candidates are selected by individuals or by a group. The university offers programs of 3 to 5 years for an undergraduate degree.

Many of those that received assistance are working atDentist the Good Sam hospital or in the bateyes today.

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