Kelvin's House


For years the promotor in the region of San Pedro Kelvin Oldwas so dedicated to his work that he needed a motor scooter to make his daily rounds to the many bateyes to the north and west of the city. His name was Anastasia. He was a husband and father to six children ranging in ages from 4 or 5 to 16. We know that all he made as a promoter was $500.00 a year, or less than $50.00 a month. That's less than a sugar cane cutter.

While he was out working his house was deteriorating faster than he could keep up repairs. Kelvin NewIn the 18 months since his death no repairs have been made and it is about to collapse. One of the April work teams began constructing a new home because the current house is beyond repair. The footings are all in and the house is enclosed by block walls. The walls are completed and the roof needs to be built, the floors poured, and windows installed.

The team ran out of time and money before the job was completed. To finish the project $6,500.00 is needed for materials and hiring workers. One of the ways we hope to raise the money is through the sale of T-Shirts. These shirts are the first to show the hospital with the third and fourth floor under construction.

T-Shirts for donations is just one way we are trying to raise additional funds. Please check the page regarding Ways to Donate for more information.