Batey Medical Clinics


The first North American mission trips brought medical aid to the people in the regions surrounding La Romana.  They began in the early 1980’s with teams from the First Baptist Church in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  As they returned year after year it became apparent to them that a clinic was necessary to care for these people on a more frequent and consistent basis, and the vision of the Good Samaritan General Hospital was born.

Bringing much needed medical attention to the Haitians living in the bateys is the whole reason we are in La Romana.  Beginning with just a few groups, today more than 60 teams travel to La Romana each year.  These groups continue the tradition of bringing the best medical care we can to the families.

Today, with the hospital in operation, teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others still bring medicine to those most in need. Each year teams visit more than 107 bateys. They see close to 30,000 people and save the lives of many. The combination of medical professionals in the bateys and the hospital in the city has significantly improved the health of families in the batey.

But the need is still great. Other social programs such as nutrition and medical care for infants are still in need of much support.













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